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About us

Verano Verano is a manufacturer of innovative trench heating, low level water convector radiators and LST radiators as well as Climaconvectors, which are based on original research with a patent. These heaters suite to both stylish and full of historic charm and modern architectural projects of twenty-first century.

The main goal of our company is to build a leading position in innovative heating market. Verano company is environment friendly and takes care about the nature in the production process. Our products are also eco- friendly. Proven research of our economy heating system brings savings of up to 20% of the needed energy. It definitely affects on environmental protection and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Verano convectors and radiators are manufactured in Poland in fully automated modern new built factory. The factory is located in Lublin, about 100 km from the eastern border of the European Union. This location provides fast and safe delivery for countries to the east of Poland as in other directions.

A lot of interest in our convector heaters has been noticed recently from Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. This was confirmed by many jobs succesfully delivered and also proves high reliability of Verano heating and cooling products.

Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano Convector factory Verano factory

Verano is a family business. The ownership works perfectly in supervision over all phases of design, development, production and distribution of the product. The company is supported by creative and enthusiastic employees who enjoy their work and are proud of the innovative, organic product which is made from the highest quality materials.
Perfect division of responsibilities between senior management and employees makes coordinated efforts seen in customer satisfaction.

In addition, our factory cooperates with many companies - heating contractors – to whom we provide professional support and help from the design stage to the warranty service. Thanks to these contractors we can be proud of our products. Common professionalism and attention to the interests of our clients makes Verano convectors and radiators deserved its reputation.


Verano – A Trench Heating Manufacturer

Our high quality, made to measure hydronic trench heating is manufactured in Poland/Europe. Through individual innovative designs and great manufacturing with years of hands on experience we have developed a range of products that we feel extremely proud of.

Veranos products are widely used for domestic installations an also light commercial buildings such as: car showrooms, office blocks, hotels and football stadiums.

At Verano we provide individual technical support to all of our clients and partners. Veranos trench heating is available through merchants and retailing distributors across the United Kingdom.