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Piano House

Piano House building is located in Warsaw/Poland, in close neighbourhood to streets: Zajecza, Topel, Dynasy, and Obozna. Before the 2nd World War this specific area was called ‘Dynasy’ whilst this named was taken from the buildings proprietor: “Prince of De Nassau’.

5th storey building has been divided into 81 apartments, also for the ground floor they designed two office/services facilities (290 sqm and 420 sqm). There is also 3 storey underground parking located under the ground level of this building, that could convenient keep 92 cars.

From the roof located terrace one could admire stunning views into Warsaw old town, with a significance of Warsaw’s Royal Castle famous and ‘Lazienki Park’ royal park garden.

Also many green space has been designed and planted around the building, also composing within the green area many of cozy walking paths with modern lighting. All of such arrangements create very nice stunning view during nighttime.

A lot of marble, wood and glass have been used as construction materials for this specific building and such a mixture of construction materials created a significant effect as a result.

The building exterior elevation has been designed for remaining the pattern of piano keyboard, whilst adding a combination of marble and sandstone in the remaining external elevation allowed to achieving an unique and breathtaking building exterior design. Similarly as to exterior walls, piano keys are also have been incorporated into the lobby/main hall floor inside the building, and the entire interior design is stylized to art deco style.

One specific interior of the luxurious penthouse will be designed by Mr Lukasz Jemiol, who teamed with Karina Suszka and Dorota Kuc are Mood Works architects. We are curious how our trench convector heating will fit within their design.

The basic requirement for such a modern and elegant building design was not harming its character when selection of a heating system was concerned. In such a case a trench heating with natural convection – VP and trench heating with forced convection – VKN from Verano Convector was an obvious choice. Reliable and efficient heating will work voiceless and will not harm the building ascetic’s.

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