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Angel Wawel Apartments in Cracow/Poland

Small piece of your own heaven – this was a marketing motto that being accompanied with the design and build of a new apartment block located in Kazimierz district in Cracow, and it is not just an empty slogan, whereas to the very sophisticated range of residential apartments the whole wellness zone, lounge and even private cinema room and children playground zone have been added. Even more – they also considered to include as a building sophisticated service for residents: concierge service, wine cellar, cigar smoking facility or a snooker playing room.

The architects from Paris and Cracow that were involved in interior design process, they admitted that the trench heating will enable the best possible flexibility in the interior design. Also the main investor admitted that fan assisted trench heaters VKN and natural convector trench heaters from Verano will enable exceptional operation quality, reliability and best looking design. As a top end finish for those trench heaters the modular aluminium grilles have been used – coloured for a natural aluminium.

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