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Are you a HEATING ENGINEER who is looking for the best for YOUR premium customers?
Are you a SALES AGENT who is SELLING to Plumbing Merchants/Distributors on your local market?

Are you looking to offer customers unrivalled innovative technologies in heating and environmental control, both efficient and aesthetically cutting-edge?


We strongly believe that the Verano can bring about a dynamic change within the current offers in heating and thermo-environmental controls.

This is an invitation to a dialogue within the HVAC industry for open-minded professionals who have the vision and confidence to set new parameters in place, to create new offers that will engage and excite your discerning customer base.

We offer a consultancy, management and supplier service to our approved partners with the following benefits to hand:

  • Access to the technical and design experience direct from our European Head Office

  • Unique product range with regional exclusivity offered

  • Unrivalled cross-marketing activity potential - extending offers into new markets

  • Competitive margins or commission remuneration

  • Toolkit of online sales equipment included - e-commerce, CRM etc

  • Incentives offered on sales performances

We are looking to work with ambitious and quality-driven partners from the following fields:

  • Professional fitters and installers - offered on our approved installation engineer scheme

  • Commercial Agents - HVAC specialists working across the industry in homeware, bathroom and other sectors

We would be delighted to hear your comments, opinions or questions on this specific topic. Should you have any, please do not hesitate to apply directly or get back to us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We’d love to hear from you on: +44 7826 45 43 45