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London’s Congregational Trinity’s Chapel

Trinity Congregational Church was founded in 1828 by a group of five people, while the original Georgian building is still used for all our services and it is officially conserved (grade 2). Adding our fan assisted trench heaters, we supplied them with natural wood top end grille to preserve the original chapel format.

London’s Venue Facility - The Goldsmiths Hall

Magnificent Goldsmiths' Hall will take your guests’ breath away! Five stately interconnecting rooms in one of London’s finest and most beautiful Livery Hall. Warm welcome guaranteed by Verano fan assisted trench heaters along the hall periphery walls.

Custom House Greenock in Scotland

A Grade A listed building in the heart of Greenock, Custom House has been transformed into high quality office suites in a comprehensive £4.1 million redevelopment. Today it offers a variety of different sized suites. Make your business home here and among your neighbours will be Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, PG Paper Company and other SMEs. Nearly the entire grand floor of this exceptional building is heated by Verano Convector fan assisted trench heaters that looks ideal for this type of interiors

Ethnographic Park in Sanok Ethnographic Park in Sanok is heated by Verano Convector trench heating. In terms of the number of objects it is the largest open-air museum in Poland and one of the most beautiful.