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Room temperature controller VER-24

Room temperature controller VER-24

VER-24 Room controller controls the fan and valves in order to keep the room temperature set point. Depending on the selected mode leads to increase the room temperature (heating mode) or to its reduction (cooling mode). The controller smoothly controls the fan speed (depending on the demand gradually increasing or decreasing the speed) and valve operation (depending on the demand gradually increasing or decreasing the degree of opening). In addition, the controller can regulate the work of the second valve – opening or closing it depending on demand

Controller functions

  • Controlling of a room temperature,
  • Step free control over the fan speed,
  • Step free control over the valve turn,
  • Control of ON/OFF valve,
  • Day to day schedule,
  • Set Alarm,
  • Parental control,

Controller specifications

Controller VER-24
Dimensions of VER-24 controller

  • For trench heaters with fan forced convection type TURBO VKN5,
  • For heating/cooling CVK 2-pipes units,
  • Output 0 - 10V DC for fan switched electronically (ECM) 24V,
  • Control output 0 - 10V or ON / OFF (24V valve),
  • Heating or cooling mode,
  • Mode: comfortable, economical and protection,
  • Mode selection: Manual or weekly program,
  • Color touch display protected by glass 2mm,
  • Built-in room temperature sensor.

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