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Trench Heater type VK15

Trench heating

Trench Heating from Verano is a perfect heating emitter and may be considered to use in buildings being full of glass façades. Trench heating from Verano could be used independently as separate heating emitters or would compose together with other heating sources and emitters.
The variety of lengths, widths and depths available and determined the format of heating coil whilst being finished with wide selection of aluminium or wooden grilles makes trench heating the most universal and effective way of heat transfer and distribution suitable for domestic residential and light commercial buildings.

Trench Heater TURBO VKN5

Fan assisted trench heating from Verano enables a natural but boosted with efficient and voiceless fan circulation of warm and cold air in a room. This results achieving better heat outputs from more compact units or simply boosting an air circulation in the room whenever you may require to heat up more room capacity in quicker time.
The same variety of lengths, widths and depths in Fan assisted trench heating is available as with a range of natural convection trench heating adding extra output and more air velocity on a top of that.

Climaconvector CVK

In any modern light commercial architecture there is a basic heat distributing issue – when too many glass façades have been used it is difficult to compensate a cold air draught during a winter and sunshine operation during summertime. CVK Climaconvector from Verano addresses this issue in a perfect and energy efficient manner.
This type of trench heating could do also cooling (4 pipes) or do cooling only (2 pipes) whilst may also assist to other air handling systems by coping with condensation on large glass façades or act independently as an air-conditioning unit.