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Floor-mounted Convector Verano

Floor-mounted Convector

Floor-mounted Convector from Verano should be a perfect match specifically for places where there is from technical or space reasons no option to use any trench heating or traditional panel/cast iron radiators.

Carefully designed and finished by high quality materials to ensure that low level Floor-mounted Convector from Verano would ideally suit of any interior design and would not spoil its unique character.

Floor-mounted Convectors

Equipment of Convector

STANDARD equipment of the Floor-mounted Convector Verano®

  • smooth casing made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with zinc magnesium coating, powder painted in white RAL 9003,
  • copper and aluminium heat exchanger with air vent,
  • thermostatic valve (applies to the lower powered heaters type V,
  • console (encased leg) with a height of 100 mm (adjustable feet on request),
  • type C with water connection 2xIT ½",
  • type V and type T with water connection 2 x ET¾"

ADDITIONAL equipment:

  • cassing can be powder coated in any RAL color.

Verano® floor-mounted heaters are available in three options:

  • Type V - powered from the bottom
  • Type C - powered from the side
  • Type T - powered from the middle

Control devides

Control devices and thermostatic heads for VERANO LST Floor-mounted Convectors [110 KB]

Dimensions of Convector

Floor-mounted Convector CLASIC 12

Height (H) 100 mm
Width (B) 125 mm
Length (L) 600 – 25000 mm

Floor-mounted Convector GRANDE 14

Height (H) 100 mm
Width (B) 225 mm
Length (L) 600 – 2500 mm

Floor-mounted Convector CLASIC 22

Height (H) 160 mm
Width (B) 125 mm
Length (L) 600 – 2500 cm

Floor-mounted Convector GRANDE 23

Height (H) 160 mm
Width (B) 175 mm
Length (L) 600 – 2500 mm

Floor-mounted Convector GRANDE 24

Height (H) 160 mm
Width (B) 225 mm
Length (L) 600 – 2500 mm

Decorative Floor-mounted Convector – wood imitation

Decorative Floor-mounted Convector

Decorative Floor-mounted Convector – wood imitation is a great choice when you want to create a place with a unique atmosphere and unique character. Wood and radiator perfectly match because both we associate with warmth. That's why we decided on this connection. Wide range of wood tones which are available in our wood imitation devices allows for smooth integration into any interior. Decorative Floor-mounted Convector - wood imitation are ideal for small homes and spacious offices and big halls.

Colour chart

Certificate of pressure resistance

The latest results of the tests carried out in accordance with a Standard EN 442-1, showed that the maximum working pressure of Verano Convector radiators is 1.0 MPa (10 atm).

The results of measurements in the Czech Accreditation Institute in Prague showed that the Verano Convector radiators have passed the test pressure corresponding to 17 atmospheres (1.7 MPa). Due to a very high pressure resistance, Verano Convector radiators can work with any type of installation. Certificates heaters and radiators »