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Rewards, credentials and competitions

The Participation Certificate from Aqua Term in Moscow 2014

The Participation Certificate from Aqua TermVerano Convector received the Participation Certificate for contributing a presence into a prestigue Trade Exhibition Aqua Term in Moscow that were organised from February 4th to 7th.

Verano awarded with ‘Golden 7th for Construction industry’

Verano awarded with ‘Golden 7th for Construction industry’ Verano won the local contest in Poland: ‘The Golden 7th of Construction Industry in Poland 2014’ in the category of heating installations.

Diploma for Verano for receiving Excellence in Business title for 2012/2013

Diploma for Verano Verano received a compliment diploma from awarding the Program of Promoting of Polish Companies – Excellence in Business” for 2012/2013 in the category of SME’s.

VERANO is a winner of the contest:‘The Golden 7th of ECO industry for 2013’

Verano the winner Gold Seven of Ecological Industry in 2013 Verano Convector has become a winner of the competition in Poland called: ‘The Golden 7th of ECO Industry 2013’. The jury of this competition highly appreciated the Verano’s products innovation and the highest quality comprised with the natural environment friendly design of the products.

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Prestige award from Lublin City Mayor in 2012

Prestige award from Lublin City Mayor in 2012 Verano innovative company 2012Verano Convector has been awarded with prestige title of ‘The Entrepreneurial Award of Lublin City Mayor’ in the category of products innovations. We would like to address our compliments for such a great honor.

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Verano being commended for the special title of Innovative Entrepreneur 2012

Special award for Verano Convector Verano received special prize in 3rd edition of the contest: Innovation Entrepreneur of the year 2012 of the Lublin District The contest has been organised by Lublin Agency of Entrepreneurs’ Support.

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Verano won the contest for Innovative Enterpreneur

Verano won the contest for innovation manufacturing business VERANO laureate of Innovative Entrepreneur 2012Verano was honoured by the the title Innovative Enterpreneur of the 2012 in the contest category of The Most Innovation Enterprise of Lubelskie District’. The ranking has been organised by Lublin Enterprise Support Agency.

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"Cristal Brick"

Cristal BrickCristal Brick title for the 2nd place in competition called ‘Home 2010’ for the best construction investment ranged both sides of eastern EU border for the trench and convector heaters manufacturing plant. The contest contribution for Verano was in the category ‘industrial and infrastructural buildings’..

Lublin Mayor Award for the most innovative company for 2010

Lublin Mayor Award for the most innovative company Verano won the contest for innovation manufacturing businessDuring the Provincial Entrepreneurial Gala in 2010 pthe prestigious title of tytuł "‘Innovation Company’has been withdrawn to Verano Convector. We would like to forward our compliments for such prestigious title.

"City Park the site of the 2007"

City Park On behalf of City Park Poznań Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa I’m delighted to inform that the residential and business facility complex "City Park" located in Poznan (Poland), Wyspiańskiego street, has been awarded with title: "Construction Site of 2007"

"Golden Installation Business for 2006"

Golden Installation Business Golden Installation Business for 2006 This award has been given for ‘DEVELOPING CONCEPT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF POLISH MODERN TECHNICAL SOLUTION.’

Gold Medal Nominee

Gold Medal Gold Medal Verano’s decorative convector heater both wall mounted or free-standing has been nominated to the award for the Gold Medal during contest in International Exhibition in Poznan (Poland) – Installations 2006.


Gold Medal Distinction LST water convector radiator from Verano has achieved distinction on 6th edition of Sanitary Technology, Heating, Gas and Air Conditionning INSTALTECH 2005 in Kielce (Poland). Next award was a Gold Medal in the Competition: ‘ The Best Product of Podkarpacie region’ at 25th International Exhibition HOME BUILDING in Rzeszow (Poland).


Convector heating from Verano has been awarded with brown medal on 7th Energy Exhibition - ENERGETYKA 2004 and "Silver Key" on 7th Construction Industry Exhibition in Lublin (Poland) LUBDOM JESIEŃ 2004

Silver Key Brown Medal Brown Medal Key for Energy


Heating from Verano has taken the most of the awards and distinctions during 16th Construction Industry Trade Fairs - LUBDOM WIOSNA 2004.

Distinction for Verano Convector Distinction for Verano Convector Verano Convector New Product