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Convector heating trench with fan Verano Convector

Trench Heater TURBO VKN5

The future of any heating systems is laying among solutions that work well with low temperature renewable sources of heating energy, also by achieving a high level of system energy efficiency.

A solid technical background for this product – Fan Assisted Trench Heater type Turbo VKN5 has been created during a long term R&D process conducted together with Warsaw Technical University, Cracow Technical University, Lublin Technical University and Polish Scientific Academy, whereas its brand new design through innovative construction has achieved better hydraulic and heating characteristic.

During the process of optimization R&D, a high level heating emitter has been achieved, whereas it would raise an energy efficiency of the heat distribution throughout the building but also increasing an effectiveness of low temperature heating systems since it has been working along with them.

Fan Assisted Trench Heater TURBO VKN5 has been design bearing in mind being suitable for spacious interiors having many glazed façades. Using a modern fan motor that will use low energy consumption feature and producing very low noise level would not distract any room occupants whilst precise and simplified control panel would enable easy and exact adjustment of desired temperature. Using an economical fan resulted with designing heating emitter producing more output with shorter adjustment reaction time. Additionally low thermal inertia and using advanced electronic control resulted an optional savings on running costs up to 20% in a heat season.

Trench Heater Turbo VKN5 may be a perfect solution for low supply temperature heating systems or high condensation wet installations, also is available in high supply pressure versions. Relatively low depth of trench required for such a heating emitter would allow to put trench heater in floor/ceiling space of any storey. Evenly distributed heat in a room is one of many significant benefits of using trench heating.

Benefits of trench heater

Energy savings

Fan Assisted Trench Heaters Turbo VKN5 have been equipped with noiseless and energy efficient fans. Such a solution enabled a design of exceptionally effective heating emitter that may be suitable to use in every single room.

Big advantage of this type of trench heaters is their high working dynamic, quick coping with any changes in room thermal conditions, even warm air distribution throughout a room and low running costs.

Low thermal inertia and using advanced electronic control resulted an optional savings on running costs up to 20% in a heat season. Fan assisted trench heater is a perfect match for low temperature water installations and heating systems.


Trench heating distributes heating in perfect and discrete manner inside spacious and elegant interiors that having usually large glass façades. The only visible element of trench heating is an elegant grille that is composed into the floor that covers trench and coil elements. Easy access through taking off a grille would enable easy access for cleaning or maintenance of a trench heating.


Trench heating are the ones that among many types of heating emitters would react in the quickest way for any changes of any thermal requirements in a room. This quick adaptation capacity allows to avoid any room overheating.

Trench heating that are placed along the outskirts of a building would create a natural air curtain that may separate warm and cold air and prevents ‘floating’ cold air at the low, floor base level. Using trench heating allows to eliminate of the moisture condensation from the surface of glass façades.


There are high quality materials being used for designing copper aluminum coil, that also warrants corrosion resistance but also protection against low quality of water from the boiler. Due to using a raw steel with hot dip zm coating our heating emitters are usually more corrosion resistant.

The equipment of heater

STANDARD equipment of Verano® trench heating with fan assisted air circulation:

  • trench (casing) made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with zinc magnesium coating, powder painted in black RAL 9005,
  • copper and aluminium heat exchanger with air vent,
  • 24 V DC fan with EC motor,
  • fan cover,
  • connection space cover
  • water connection 2xIT ¾",
  • leveling brackets,
  • fixing anchors,

ADDITIONAL equipment of Verano® trench heating with fan assisted air circulation:

  • trench (casing) painted in any RAL colour,
  • frame around the heater casing, L or F type made of natural aluminum, powder coated in RAL, anodized or can be done as wood imitation
  • aesthetic grille made of aluminum , natural wood or stainless steel
  • installation cover to protect against damage during transport and installation

Control devides

Control devices for VERANO Trench Heaters Fan Assisted type TURBO VKN5 [137 KB]

Construction of trench heter

Trench heater fan assisted

Dimensions of heater

Trench heating with fan is available in three depths: 78(84), 90, 120 mm and in two widths: 250, 350 mm. Verano trench convectors are from 750 up to 3550 mm long, changing every 50 cm apart.

Heaters are also available with a non standard/custom lenghts (NS)

Heaters height of 78 mm are only available with a modular grille, other will increase heater high to 84 mm.

The control options of trench heater fan assisted type VKN5

Thermostatic valve must be installed on the supply pipe, and the return valve on the return pipe. The electric-thermal servo-motor is installed directly on the thermostatic valve. Servo-motor must be connected to the room controller via a two-wire cable. Room controller allows you to open and close the valve and control the fan speed.

Adjusting the heaters is done automatically by using the room controller e.g. RDG160T. The system automatically turns on and off the fan when the room temperature drops below or goes up the set temperature on the thermostat. The controller with a built-in sensor measures the temperature in the room and maintains its value at the set-point by controlling the 2-position servo-motor.

Certificate of pressure resistance

The latest results of the tests carried out in accordance with a Standard EN 442-1, showed that the maximum working pressure of Verano Convector heating is 1.0 MPa (10 atm).

The results of measurements in the Czech Accreditation Institute in Prague showed that the Verano Convector heating have passed the test pressure corresponding to 17 atmospheres (1.7 MPa).

Due to a very high pressure resistance, Verano Convector heating can work with any type of installation.

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