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11 Wellesley On The Park / Toronto apartments / Canada

11 Wellesley On The Park is outstanding in terms of architectural design and location. 681 apartments are altogether located on 54 floors of the entire site. The tower block is located on a multi-level podium with shops and offices. Above the podium on the roof of the fifth floor a terrace was created for residents. The building is located in the vicinity of the park, there is a lot of greenery around, an ideal place for rest and relaxation. In addition, the views of the Toronto skyline and the blue waters of Lake Ontario from the windows of the apartments create a unique place to relax. In order to facilitate relaxation, the investor also provided a special relaxation room.

The project uses modern environmentally friendly solutions and technologies. The interior of the hall is unique, attention is drawn to geometric forms and organic shapes. The arrangement drew inspiration from nature, referring to plants, rocks and wood.

The bathroom includes large 3-bedroom apartments and spacious studios. Verano trench heaters were used for heating. They are great for large glazed interiors, ensuring the heat will be distributed evenly. The system is precise and dynamically adjusts temperatures to the conditions in the environment. An additional advantage is their elegant appearance, thanks to which they perfectly integrate with the heated interior, becoming its invisible part.

11 Wellesley On The Park