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Convector selection and use

Convector selection

It is recommended to select a convector radiator the aid of designers or computer programs for CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM design. Correctly performed technical design provides optimal selection of the size of the convector and other devices, correct installation and hydraulic setting of the heating system, which has an impact on further failure-free operation. Thermal efficiency of the convector is , to a large extent, dependent on temperature differences at supply and return and on water flow rate in the convector.

Verano Convector heating have the documents required by regulations valid in Poland:

Excellent technical parameters of VERANO the convector were confirmed in the course of in the laboratory unit Technicŷ Skưšobnŷ Ưstav Pieštany. Verano Convector heating is designed for residential room heating (single and multi-family), as well as office, service, commercial, hotel, sacred, sport and other space heating, in which corrosive environment activity with respect to aluminum copper is not present.

VERANO GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. producer provides a 7-year long guarantee.

The use of Verano Convector trench heating

The finishing element of the trench heating is an elegant grate. Wooden grates may be made of raw wood only. In order to protect wooden grates, they should undergo staining and varnishing treatments. Aluminum grates can be made of natural aluminum, varnished in any colour of RAL pallet or they can be anodised. Grates made of stainless steel are available only in longitudinal version.

Grates have been designed so as to hide maximum 30% of the trench surface. If a larger surface is covered, then the heating has a smaller thermal power. When using trench heating in the heating season, one should not cover it with, e.g. a carpet, or put it on any piece of furniture. It is important to maintain appropriate cleanliness inside the tub. Before every heating season heat exchanger must be vacuumed and the trench must be cleaned.

Grates are resistant to pressure and abrasion for pedestrian traffic of small intensity. For this reason, no trenchs should be installed in places where heavy pedestrian traffic is expected.

After the heating season, it is a perfect solution to place a cover made of the same material as the floor instead of the wooden grate. This enables to maintain cleanliness in the trench more easily.

Verano Convector trench heating should undergo annual cleaning, preferably before the heating season starts. Heating should be cleaned of dust, which had gathered in the trench and heat exchanger.