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We are keen on ecology!

Verano Ecology

We consider ourselves as a company that do care about the natural environment protection especially when any manufacturing processes are concerned. One of the main business goals of Verano is to achieve a leading position among innovators on domestic and light commercial building interiors market. Our proven technology on the foundation of a patented research could bring up to 20% of savings on heating energy bills. Also thanks to such an advanced technology we would influence positively into CO2 emissions from the buildings. We are strictly confident that our heating emitters comply with the highest standards of European Building Regulations both during manufacturing and any later usage.

Low level of wastes manufacturing

A management of specific sizes and the way the specific elements being cut has been prepared in a manner to reduce any industrial/raw material wastes up to nearly zero level. Similar rule has been applied to the manufacturing of an aluminium elements of a coil. The only wastes as from manufacturing of a coil fins are 10 mm stripes (as example: during manufacturing of a fin having surface of 166.53 cm2 it is produced a waste of 1.57 cm2 size what is c.a. 0.94%)

Using a eco-friendly raw materials for manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process we use a raw metal sheet that have nearly no trace of any fat contamination, that results any necessity to provide a scouring bath and ferric phosphate treatment – as those chemical processes have some negative impact into a natural environment. As a next example we would give is a usage of epoxy polyester coating for colouring and protecting of our heating emitters. Such a type of coating is an ecological product itself, thus would not include any organic solvents, whilst during its application there are not any harmful fumes released.

Modern and eco-friendly powder coating facilty

We use the most ecological and clean process of coating of heating emitter elements with powder colour spry. Powder colour coating is a technology that is environmental friendly, as used sprays do not contain any solvents. Any processes of coating of any heating emitter elements is provided in a spry booth, where through using of special system of absorbing filters resulting a recycling process that allows using any colour spry by the level of 99%.