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For Engineering Consultants

  • BIM Modelling

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We provide ready to implement models for our products in BIM modelling. It may increase the speed of the design preparation and will ensure the multi-sectoral communication. VERANO BIM MODELS enable modifying the sizes of trench heating unit and concerning specifically the natural convection trench heaters, they enable selecting the type of grille and frame. BIM MODELS also provide all necessary information about the technical data of our products. It provides the calculation for the equipment thermal output in correlation to the installation temperatures, yet also it reads out the energy consumption values for the fan assisted units.

For Engineering Consultants

We provide to our clients not only full technical data, yet we enable a SELECT selection software from our website:

Thanks to this online selection software, you might be able, based on the selection criteria, select the exact trench heater model and size.
The online software creates the selection lists and enables exporting them to the PDF or XLS format.

Advice on trench heater selection in few simple steps:

  1. Key into your web browser;
  2. Select the group of products;
  3. Select the operational parameters for trench heater such as: sizes, maximum acoustic pressure, the fan operating mode;
  4. Press: SEARCH button.
  5. Have a look into the search results. Select the specific units to add them onto your shortlist.
  6. Shortlisted units can be easy exported to PDF or XLS file.