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Heating bench

Heating bench COMODO

Product features:

  • the unique product appearance
  • sophisticatedly finished
  • COMODO means comfortable
  • Product compliant to PN-EN 442 standard

Basic sizes:

Height: 453 mm
Width: 420 mm
Length: 1062, 1562 mm

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COMODO Heating Bench is classed as a comfortable, neat and modern heating emitter. The entire unit has been locked in the exceptional elegant cover. Cover’s sides are additionally finished with full glazed masking flaps. High safety rating, tempered glass is available in two colours – deep black or mild white. The glazed masking flap could be also used for advertising purpose by displaying a graphic or exposed by LED lights company’s logo.

The sitting part of the unit is made of oak wood. Three massive oak wood boards are exceptionally resistant against scratch and other mechanical damage. Gentle, yet slightly visible graining , whilst boards are protected by the specially handpicked transparent coating. This all will allow surely keeping the unchanged product appearance over many years. COMODO – from heat comfort with love.

Heating bench COMODO

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary from standard solution.


Standard Equipment:

  • Cover made of zinc-magnesium galvanized steel, powder coated in on of the standard colours: RAL 7047 or RAL 9005,
  • Heater sides made of toughened glass, black colour RAL 9005,
  • Copper-aluminium heat exchanger,
  • Air vent,
  • Thermostatic valve,
  • ¾" male threaded connectors,
  • Seat made of lacquered oak wood.

Other options:

  • Any other materials or colours available on request.

Accurate thermal outputs, temperature correction multipliers and hydraulic flows and selection characteristics that concerns Wall mounted LST Convectors
are included in the Comodo, Caliente i Standard Convector Heaters technical catalogue.

Download catalogue

Please find below the basic sizes for specific floor connected LST convectors.


  • S-G23-45,3/42/Lg

    S-G23-45,3/42/Lg (L/P)

    Height 453
    Width 420
    Length 1062, 1562 mm
    Connection TYPE
    Connection side Right (P) standard
    Left (L) option
    Connection threads ¾" male thread connectors
    Heating bench COMODO

Declared properities

  • Fire safety class: Class D
  • Harmful substances release: none
  • Water tightness under the high pressure: no leakage at pressure 1,3 times higher than maximum acceptable operating pressure
  • Resistance to pressure: No cracks at pressure 1,69 times higher than maximum acceptable operating pressure
  • Surface temperature: maximum 95°C
  • Corrosion resistance: No corrosion after 100 hours in humid environment
  • Resistance to weak impacts: Class 0


  • Controller VER-8S WiFi

  • Controller VER-15S

  • Controller VER-16S WiFi

  • Controller VER-34


  • Actuator VERSST24

  • Actuator VERSST230


  • Return valves

Wireless system

The wireless control system allows you to adjust the maximum of:

  • 8 different zones when using VER-8S WiFi controllers
  • 16 different zones when using the VER-16S WiFi controller.

Each zone can accommodate up to 6 wireless VERSST actuators that control the work of wall-mounted, floor-mounted or Comodo heaters. Each of the heating zones can be assigned its own individual operating mode (constant temperature, time limitation or 6 different work schedules). The drivers can update the software via the USB port. The driver is installed in the installation box ø = 60mm.

Additional devices available as part of the wireless system:

  • VET-CT temperature sensor
  • VER-RP Room air temperature controller
  • VER-RP230 Room air temperature controller (230V powered)
  • VER-COO window opening sensor (max. 6 pcs in the zone)
  • VER-CTZ Outdoor temperature sensor
  • VER-MW230 Executive module
  • VER-WS230 signal amplifier

The VER-8S WiFi controller, VER-16S WiFi and the VER-RP230 room controller are powered directly from the 230 V AC network. Other devices of the wireless system are battery powered. The VER-8S WiFi controller comes with a wireless temperature sensor. From the level of the web application ( or the application for smartphones (downloadable from the Google Play store), it is possible to remotely control the drivers, including:

  • preview of the current parameters of the controller,
  • editing parameters available from the controller level,
  • access to temperature history,
  • access to alarm history,
  • the ability to support many internet modules from one user account,
  • activation of e-mail notifications about controller alarms.


Wireless system - Diagram

An exemplary view of the application for remote control of heaters

Components of the wireless system

  • Controller VER-8S WiFi

  • Controller VER-16S WiFi

  • Wireless electric actuator VERSST

  • Additional devices of the wireless system

NOTE: Controllers and other battery-powered devices should be checked for battery condition. Battery life up to 2 years of operation.

NOTE: Electrical connections may be made only by persons with appropriate SEP electrical qualifications and observing the relevant electic standards. The supply voltage can be switched on only after checking the correctness of the entire connection with diagram.

Specifying Verano units is simple and straightforward and can be conducted using the guidance included in the technical catalogue (p.40-43) or from the separate file available to download below.


For placing an order please contact our London helpline, or check out if you can place purchase order via any UK/Ireland based merchants or distributors listed on our websites.

For your reference please find below a brief explanation of Verano products ordering codes.

Floor mounted Convector order code

All ordered units are not coming with control sets and valves (all controls and valves are optional). Any of those items are the subject of the separate order/position on your purchase order document. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact your merchant or our office prior placing an order. Verano nor its representatives will not take any responsibility for any miss-completed orders.