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Modular fan assisted floor standing heater

MVKN5 modular fan assisted heater

The most important information:

  • modular fan assisted heater
  • casing available in any RAL color
  • safe 24 V supply voltage
  • silent fan operation


Height: 200 mm
Width: 115 mm
Length (Lk): 1150÷1650 mm

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Modular fan assisted floor standing heater type MVKN5-20 / 11.5 / Lg (L/R), is an ideal device for rooms where trench heaters cannot be installed. The heater is made as a module that can be combined with each other to form the continuous length of the heating system.

The heater casing is available in any RAL color, and top grille can be selected from various options like punched grille, aluminium, wood. Standard is punched Long Oval grille.


Standard equipment:

  • casing made of hot-dip zinc-magnesium steel, powder coated in structured RAL9003 color,
  • efficient copper - aluminum heat exchanger with air vent,
  • fans controlled by 0-10V DC signal compatible with BMS system,
  • connection threads: type C female ¾ '' type V male ¾ '', include thermostatic valve
  • assembly set (possibility of mounting to the floor or wall),
  • longitudinal oval punched grille
  • fan cover with air baffle

Additional equipment:

  • casing powder coated in any RAL color
  • number of modules to be connected with each other
  • 90 ° and other deg corners
  • selected type of punched grill: Transverse oval, honeycomb, oval
  • selected type of other grille: made of natural or anodized aluminum: roll-up I-beam or closed profile; linear; modular, wooden
  • air filter
  • dedicated control system (manual, automatic, wireless, MBS),

Heating capacities, correction factors and hydraulic characteristics of MVKN5
fan assisted heaters can be checked in the MVKN5 heater data sheet.

Dimensions of the heater are presented below


  • MVKN5-20/11,5/Lk (L/P)

    MVKN5-20/11,5/Lk (L/P)

    Height 200
    Width 115
    Casing length (Lk) 1150÷1650 mm
    Connection threads Type C:
    female ¾ ''
    Type V:
    male ¾ ''
    Connection side Right (P) standard,
    Left (L) option,
    Opposite end option

    Opposite end heat exchanger

    Modular floor standing heater MVKN5

    Right heat exchanger

    Modular floor standing heater MVKN5

    Left heat exchanger

    Modular floor standing heater MVKN5

Declared performance

  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 1.0 MPa.
  • Test pressure 1.3 MPa.
  • Maximum hydraulic pressure: 1.69 MPa
  • Maximum permissible operating temperature: 110°C
  • Aluminium roll-up grille, I-beam profile

  • Wooden roll-up grille

  • Aluminum roll-up grille, closed profile

  • Aluminum modular grille

  • Aluminum linear grille

  • Stainless steel linear grille


  • VER-24 wall controller

  • VER-24S wall controller

  • VER-24 WiFi wall controller

  • VER-44 WiFi wall controller

  • SIEMENS RDG160T wall controller


  • VERSST24 / VERSST230 actuator


  • Return valves

  • Thermostatic valves

Power Supplies

  • Power Supplies