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For orders and enquiries please call: +44 (0)20 3290 0665 or send us an e-mail:

The brand-new look into the trench heating technology, reflected by a brand-new product – theVKN Silent. It will produce twice less noise comparing to other Verano units. This product may suit your trench heating specification. Check the details with our UK sales agents.

Training in Saarbrücken

There was a training on 27th September 2019 organised in our Saarbrucken German branch that concerned using the trench heaters as the ergonomic and eco-friendly solution especially suitable for the thermo-modernisation of the buildings.

VERANO SELECT product selection software

We hand over to our customers the very effective product selection tool. It is based on the up-to-date product database and would make designer life much easier, when selecting trench heaters or Climaconvectors to their projects is concerned.

BIM models of Verano products

Please feel free having a look into our prepared BIM models that present the information about build, sizes and usability features in greater detail.

Next working day delivery available from DQ Heating

There are situations, where you can hit the wall with the bespoke trench heating order. Last minute client decision, or being let down by other manufacturer might leave you with a headache. Not with Verano trench heaters.

Price list concerning Verano productsFrom 01/02/2016 there is new price list in force concerning Verano products: trench heaters, Climaconvectors, and controls. Also among well-known products there are plenty of novelties that have been recently introduced and added to our offerings. The most recent prices and technical advice are available from our distributors, partnering wholesale merchants and manufacturer agents across Europe (in Euro or British Pound).