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Sale for Fan Assisted Trench Heaters – Easy as 1-2-3

Sale for Fan Assisted Trench Heaters – Easy as 1-2-3

From now on we make the product selection process much more clarified and customer friendly, especially for those customers who have very simple requirement for using our products only alongside the terrace/bi-folding or sliding door in the domestic building.

So, we simply did take our most flexible product – that is VKN5 Fan Assisted Trench heater and pre-configured it into the most common 4 complete sets.

Each set is very easy selectable – all the information for proper selection has been displayed in our promotional flyer (please feel free to download it).

For easy selection you just may require 2 basic information:

  1. What heat source you use (if this is a system boiler, heat pump or any other?)
  2. What room capacity in sqm you do require to service by our trench heaters?

All those sets from the flyers are coming as complete, ready to install, pre-configured products, that means that any gas safe registered plumber can easily install and configure it.

In principle trench heating technology is very useful to compensate cold downdraught from those so popular bi-folding/sliding terrace doors, commonly used along living room or kitchen rare extensions. The Verano trench heating system is water fuelled and standard central heating installation pluggable. We offer standard manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years, expandable to 10 years when our products are installed and maintained by our approved installers.

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