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VERANO SELECT product selection software

VERANO SELECT - the unique product selection software is ready to use on the website. We keep technical details up to date, what addresses an accurate selection of trench heaters and Climaconvectors to every required project.

VERANO SELECT product selection software

The VERANO SELECT the trench heaters, LST convectors and Climaconvectors software is ready to use on Verano website:

Using this online selecting software, you can narrow down and shortlist the optimal product to your design requirements. Also, the selecting software can remember your selections to create a shortlist that could be exported to XLS or PDF file.

The example of making selection in a few simple steps:

  1. Please key to your webbrowser.
  2. Please select the group of units (trench or LST) of your choice.
  3. Please define the expected design criteria i.e. sizes, maximum acoustic pressure and the fan speed level.
  4. Key in [search] button
  5. Review the outcome results. Select appropriate units to add them to the clipboard, you can also name your clipboard.
  6. You can download the content/selections from the clipboard in PDF or XLS file format.