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Med Campus Graz with Verano trench heaters / Austria

Med Campus Graz is a modern building of a Medical University in the Austrian city of Graz. The entire lot has been set up on c.a. 2.7 ha and located in Grazer Stiftingal valley. The entire facility will offer c.a. 40k sqm of business capacity. On a basement level, there is a car par located while ground and first floor are devoted for lecturers’ rooms for human science, dentistry and nursing faculties. On those levels are also located conference rooms and some restrooms for students.

There is a campus level from the first floor, that exposes many open space areas across all buildings. Up to 6th floor there have been designed office and laboratory facilities. All the buildings have been joined by so called closed bridges, that are equipped with VKN5 fan assisted trench heaters.

The entire building complex has been distinguished by the ability of using an alternative source of energy i.e. underneath the building complex there is a system of geothermal heating and cooling being installed. Additionally, in the building complex has been improved the heat recovery system. Also by using a daylight for lighting the building where possible, the lower energy consumption has been achieved. Last but not least among innovations – the automatic shading that follow up the sun light would prevent overheat and would limit using the air conditioning system during the summer time.

All those solutions that have been used in the building complex are classed as environmental friendly and using them would limit emissions from those buildings. Using Verano VKN5 fan assisted trench heaters in so pro-eco building just confirm their ecological and energy saving character.

Med Campus Graz

Trench Heater

Trench Heater