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The Oak Ridges library in Richmond Hill / Canada

Two-floor building and 19,000.00 sqft for the Oak Ridges Library in Canada has just risen. A lot of full glazed facades with abnormal height distinguish this unique construction of the building. It gave the interior design a particular and spacious look. Plenty of wood and stone materials have been used as the building substance. The entire design looks fresh and modern.

Conference rooms, children programming lecture classroom, many computer classrooms are in the building, yet even something called “memory lab”, that is a room for converting analogue pictures for the digital format. The interior has been designed in a manner to suit the variety of occupants in a different age.

The building itself has the status of the certified green building. On its roof the plant garden has been established.

The interiors are heated by the Verano trench heating system. It is a proven system of heating emitters, especially suitable for public facility buildings, where environmentally friendly systems have been applied.

The Oak Ridges library in Richmond Hill

The Oak Ridges library in Richmond Hill