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The modern Cornella - Gates Hall University Building / United States

The modern building called the Gates Hall has been designed especially for the IT science students and lecturers. It is located at the corner of Hoy and Campus Road at the area of Ithaca Campus at the Cornell University. In the building there are laboratories, offices, conference rooms, lecture halls, informal meeting boots, open space, all for the fruitful collaboration for students of over 500 Masters and 350 Doctorate Faculties.

It should be noted that Bill and Melinda Gates were the part sponsors of The Gates Halls, where they submitted the $ 25 million donor. The entire project costed c.a. $60 million and it was in 100% sponsored.

The Marphosis Architects made a design project for the 101,500.00 feet capacity building. This Architect office is well known from their innovation design for glamorous buildings and in-town green environmental projects.

There are plenty of glazed facades in the building construction. From the outer walls view, the system of the entire glazed façade is located on the 1st and 5th floor. The outer façade for the remaining floors is built of perforated stainless-steel panels, whereas they are adjusted to comply with the sun reflection out of the façade shape. Such a solution aims to deliver the maximum amount of daylight to the building interiors.

There are quite harsh winters in Ithaca overall. The buildings in general requires heating system being turned on during most of the calendar year. To prevent cold downdraughts the system of the quarto glazing Viracon VNE 24-63. Also they heating system should be especially adapted to the character of the building. There would not be the other selection as fan assisted trench heaters supplied by Verano. They orchestrate the large full glazed facades and create the effective full capacity heating system.

Gates Hall at the Cornella University

Gates Hall at the Cornella University

Gates Hall at the Cornella University