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Artist and art centre Isabel Bader at Queens University / United States

The Isabel Bader Arts Center is a new building that is part of the University of Queens, designed for performing arts and performances, and for studying for students of the Faculty of Music, Film and Media.

The building is located on Lake Ontario. It covers an area of 80,000 square feet. A mix of wood, glass, steel, stone and polished concrete was used for the construction. The building has a concert hall with 566 seats, a rehearsal room, green rooms and wardrobes, offices and conference rooms, a mixing studio, a small studio space and a cinema room with 90 seats. The facility has the most modern ventilation, acoustics and sound insulation.

In this type of investment, each installation must be very well thought out, also the heating system must meet the relevant standards. The investor decided on Verano trench heaters, which create an effective heating solution, ensuring the right temperature in the rooms.

The Isabel Bader Performing Arts Center at the University of Queens was founded on the site of a former brewery from the 1830s. The project uses walls and wooden floor boards. The investment is a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and history. Verano trench heaters found their perfect place in the building's interior.

Trench heater
Artist and art centre Isabel Bader
Artist and art centre Isabel Bader
Artist and art centre Isabel Bader