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Safety and comfort

According to a report No. 203/04/LA from research carried out for the Verano Convector convector at the Institute of Heating and Sanitary in Radom, the parameters of the heating medium 85/75/20 ° C, air temperature at a height of 50 mm above the center of the radiator housing reached 54.6 ° C. Also the touched temperature of the radiator surface is low (about 40-55 ° C) at a flow temperature of 75 ° C. These data confirm that the devices are safe , because you do not have direct contact with the hot surfaces.

The convection heating of the room air near the convector is not overheated, as is has place with other radiators. This is due to a small share of the heat given off by radiation. So near a Verano® Convector radiator there is no unpleasant sensation of heat, adversely affecting the well-being of users. Convectors as the low temperature unit, having low temperature of its surface even at water flow temperatures reached 95 ° C.

With the principles of heat transfer by convection Verano® Convector provides steady temperature distribution in a heated room and the natural circulation of air, which support the comfort of the residents. Since carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled from the lungs is heavier, headquartered in layers in the lower part of the room has a very negative impact on human health during sleep or monotonous work at your desk. Convective movement of air masses affect the homogenization (eliminating areas exhaled air containing CO2).

The economic of Verano® Convector heating systems

Correct and fast temperature regulation in the room depends of system’s thermal inertia, which consist mass of circulating heating medium (e.g. water) and radiators mass. Verano® Convector radiators have small water capacity from 0,28 dm3 (radiator:60x40) to 1,23 dm3 (radiator:60x190). Typical radiator (60x100) with power 1495 W has capacity barely 0,66 dm3. However analogue market steel panel radiator 600/1000 contains 7 dm3 water. Because of small water capacity Verano® Convector convectors are characterized by small inertia and small inertia means faster reaction on changes of heating medium parameters and temperature fluctuations in the room. Small inertia causes bigger dynamics and improves installation work economy during exploitation. It ensures faster start of heating system. In addition, do not cause excessive and unnecessary overheating of the room.

The effect of fast warming with small energetic cost is very important in transitional period ( spring and autumn) when we quickly want increase the temperature in the room. In installation with smaller water capacity we heat smaller volume of water, what is time- and energy-saving. Convector reaches higher power with higher temperature of watter supply. However higher temperature of water supply has no influence on high energy consumption of heating installation. In systems with low water capacity, water heating by a few degrees or maintaining the already achieved temperature is easily.

In installation with convectors its easier to use heat from sunlight or devices such as an oven or a cooker. When to the room is supplied additional heat e.g. from sun, thermostatic valve reduce water supply to radiator. System’s reaction is immediate. According to research leaded in University of Portsmouth in Great Britain, installation with convectors reduces heating costs even up to 20% in comparison to installation with panel radiators. In case radiators with big water capacity reaction is much slower. This is due to the fact that they can not stop the heat transfer through a heating medium sealed in a radiator and the heated cover. The higher weight of the radiator and higher water capacity means that the bigger amount of heat will be put unnecessarily, disturbing comfort conditions.