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It is strongly recommended to involve a professional designer with an expertise in hydronic heating systems, who could also use a specialist software in order to provide an appropriate selection of any trench and convection heating emitters. Only a technically prepared design could guarantee an optimal selection of sizes of trench heating and convection radiators, that also would affect an execution and commissioning of all hydronic heating and cooling systems in a building. Proper product selection may result with free of failures and energy efficient operation. Technically saying - the efficiency of a heating emitter mainly depends on water supply temperature and a speed of a water-flow throughout it.

Every single heating emitter from Verano is being sold with all documentation required by EU standards and regulations:

  • Technical Approval and a declaration of comformity and compliance to EN 442-1 manufacturing standard,
  • Hygienic Certificate from National Health and Safety Monitoring Organisation [PZH]

Trench heating

Our trench heating convectors are made to measure to fit your specific requirements. Veranos’ unique convectors meet rigorous manufacturing standards and offer exceptional energy efficiency, coupled with a bespoke design and aesthetic grille finishes.

Verano offers a variety of trench heating these include, natural convector heaters, fan assisted, cooling (with two pipes) and also heating and cooling heaters (with four pipes). All of our products are developed to fit hydronic systems for domestic or light commercial buildings.

Verano’s wider product range consists of LST convection radiators, low level convection radiators, and a wide range of designer convection radiators. All of our products are regularly tested and certified by an independent research institute in Stuttgart/Germany.