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Trench heater

Overall sizes:

Trench height: 75, 90, 110, 140, 250, 350, 540 mm
Trench width: 200, 250, 290, 380 mm
Trench length: 800÷4000 mm

Non-standard (NS) length heaters can be made on order.

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Trench Heater type VK15

Trench heating from Verano® has been designed considering their primary usage in spacious interiors of domestic and light commercial buildings that may have many glassing façades. Due to this heating emitters from Verano will suit perfectly to luxury apartments, office blocks, utility buildings, car showrooms, shopping malls or even church buildings – whilst everywhere, where building occupants may consider keeping optimal temperature being well composed to interior design esthetics and discreetness.

Trench heating is considered as a significant part of any modern heating system. Heating emitter that is assembled in a floor based, trench casing and covered with an elegant aluminum, wood or stainless steel grille would compose with a room in a based possible manner, as by being discrete-nearly invisible, it does not interfere with space or specific room character requirements.

In most case scenarios of interior design, it is recommended to place trench heating along the glazed façades and windscreens or French Windows keeping their length the same as façade/windscreen or French Window. Trench heating could be also placed along core walls and building corners.

Trench heating being used along facade would create an air curtain that will act as a natural barrier that separates cold and hot air, thus would restrict so called cold air draught at the low level of a room, would minimize heat losses whilst would increase the entire heating system efficiency.

Trench heating

Trench heating from Verano® are available as a straight line trench casing and coils, but also we offer on demand curved and angle version that will suit any atypical interior design and will harmonise with the modern but specific building architecture.

To heat the room of irregular shape, such as circle or semi-circle and at the same time not to disturb its aesthetics and harmony ideally product will be angled and curved heaters available with or without fan.

Angled trench heater

Trench heater

Curved trench heater

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary from standard solution.

Benefits of trench heating

Energy efficiency

Exceptional energy savings is primary achieved by very low effective water capacity, perfect heating resistance and low thermal inertia.

Trench heating from Verano may work very well with every single kind and type of thermal control what also may be consider as one of critical factor for reducing heating energy bills.


Trench heating distributes heating in perfect and discrete manner inside spacious and elegant interiors that having usually large glass façades. The only visible element of trench heating is an elegant grille that is composed into the floor that covers trench and coil elements. Easy access through taking off a grille would enable easy access for cleaning or maintenance of a trench heating.


Trench heating are the ones that among many types of heating emitters would react in the quickest way for any changes of any thermal requirements in a room. This quick adaptation capacity allows to avoid any room overheating.

Trench heating that are placed along the outskirts of a building would create a natural air curtain that may separate warm and cold air and prevents "floating" cold air at the low, floor base level.

Using trench heating allows to eliminate of the moisture condensation from the surface of glass façades.

Heating any interior by using a natural convection allows to provide even temperature distribution and a natural circulation of air in any room.


There are high quality materials being used for designing copper aluminum coil, that also warrants corrosion resistance but also protection against low quality of water from the boiler. Due to using a raw steel with hot dip zm coating our heating emitters are usually more corrosion resistant.

Trench heaters

The equipment

Standard equipment:

  • trench (casing) made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with zinc magnesium coating, powder painted in black RAL 9005,
  • copper and aluminium heat exchanger with air vent,
  • dividers for trench heaters H≥140 mm,
  • connection space cover
  • water connection 2 x IT ¾" (internal thread),
  • leveling brackets H≤250 mm,
  • fixing anchors,

Addittional equipment:

  • trench (casing) painted in any RAL colour,
  • frame around the heater casing, L or F type made of natural aluminum, powder coated in RAL,
    anodized or can be done as wood imitation,
  • aesthetic grille made of aluminum, natural wood or stainless steel,
  • Installation cover to protect against damage during transport and installation,

Construction of heater

Trench heater

Grate covering the heating:

  • Aluminum grate (natural, varnished in any colour of RAL pallet or anodized);
  • Wooden grate: oak, ash, beech, merbau, jatoba (natural wood);
  • Longitudinal grate made of stainless steel

Dimentions of heater

Verano Convector® trench heating of the following width dimension are available: 200, 250, 290, 380 mm. The exchanger may be placed along wall of the trench (trench heater 350 and 540 mm deep) or centrically (trench heater 75, 90, 110, 140, 250 deep). In the second variant, air is sucked at both sides of the heating element. The width of the heating results from the width of the exchanger and the width of the air suction zone.

The length of Verano trench convectors ranges from 800 to 4000 mm. The depth of trenches of the heater is: 75, 90 and 110, 140, 250, 350 and 540 mm. Trench heating have ¾" connection nozzles.

There is a possibility of making a trench heating of VK15 type of non-standard lengths (NS).

Technical Data

Certificate of pressure resistance

The latest results of the tests carried out in accordance with a Standard EN 442-1, showed that the maximum working pressure of Verano Convector trench heating is 1.0 MPa (10 atm). The results of measurements in the Czech Accreditation Institute in Prague showed that the Verano Convector trench heating have passed the test pressure corresponding to 17 atmospheres (1.7 MPa). Due to a very high pressure resistance, Verano Convector trench heating can work with any type of installation.

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