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Verano Global Sp. z o.o.

VERANO GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of innovative trench heating, low level water convector radiators and LST radiators as well as Climaconvectors, which are based on original research with a patent.


The main goal of our company is to build a leading position in the innovative heating market.

  • Ecology
    Verano is an environmentally friendly company and cares about nature in the production process. Our products are also eco- friendly. Proven research of our economy heating system brings savings of up to 20% of the needed energy. It affects environmental protection and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Technology
    We conduct research in cooperation with the largest research centers in Europe to bring you a product with excellent technical parameters. Our research partners include HLK Laboratories in Stuttgart, Warsaw University of Technology, Krakow University of Technology and Lublin University of Technology.
  • Quality
    Our products are also heavily tested and certified in accordance with European Union regulations. We focus on the highest quality of our products. All our devices are carefully designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials. As a result, our products are characterized not only by high durability, but also by strong performance and energy efficiency. We make sure that our solutions are modern, safe and easy to use, thus providing our customers with maximum comfort and satisfaction with the purchased products.


The first heater was born out of passion – a passion to create the most efficient and energy-saving heating method.


We invest in innovation and long-term upgrades to our production using renewable energy sources.

A close-knit team

Radiators without our people are just soulless boxes. We inspire each other to create a better future for all of us.

One step ahead

We are constantly looking for new solutions to make the use of our products more convenient, energy-efficient and durable.

How are Verano products made?


Concepts and design

VERANO’s specialized designers and engineers work to develop new products, while VERANO’s research and development department continually works to improve the products that are on the market.


Research and testing

Testing of the heating and cooling power of VERANO products is carried out in specially prepared climate chambers.

Measurements of the acoustic power of our products are carried out in accordance with the European standard in VERANO acoustic chambers.


Introduction to the offer

We introduce new products to the market after several months of testing, research and certification. This gives us the confidence to offer a proven and reliable product.


Customized production

All VERANO products are available on request, while the realization period should not exceed 3 weeks from the moment of placing an order.

The history of VERANO GLOBAL dates back to 1978

That year production of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle in Europe ceased, polish astronaut Hermaszewski circled the Earth 126 times in space, and the Polish national team, headed by Boniek and Deyna, crushed Mexico during the World Cup in Argentina. And that’s not all. Polish climber Wanda Rutkiewicz climbed Mount Everest, and Karol Wojtyla became Pope. It was a good year. But the best was yet to come. Here is our story.

Better is the enemy of good

We are replacing the existing logotype with a new design that takes the company into a new dimension of visual identity.

We think globally

Our export market already covers almost every continent. We sell in Asia, in North America, in Australia. The European Union is our second home heated by our radiators and ventilated by our recuperators. We are changing our name to VERANO GLOBAL,

Research, research and more research

We are signing an agreement with the scientific community to undertake closer cooperation in research and development of new product solutions. Key here is the agreement with Lublin University of Technology and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

New factory means new quality

It’s time to move. We begin operations in a newly built factory in the EUROPARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone, in the Lublin subzone. We buy new technological lines for the production of trench heaters, floor standing heaters, wall-mounted heaters and fan coil units.

It’s getting tight

The number of orders exceeds our capacity both in terms of personnel and technology. There is a decision! We are looking for a place for a new factory headquarters.

We are moving full steam ahead

The machine has started. We are launching mass production of wall mounted, floor standing and trench heaters.
The company adopted the exotic and hot-sounding name VERANO – which means summer in Spanish. Our goal was to create an ideal thermal climate in homes and offices – our products find their customers both in Poland and Western Europe.

Problems of the new Poland

The lamella, a thin sheet of aluminum, suitably corrugated and essential to the functioning of the radiator, became the company’s driving force over the following years. The development of the ideal lamella, and at the same time the development of a complex convector radiator – the most advanced in Poland – became a reality. The time of testing had arrived.

A new plan was born

The company’s founder developed the concept of a convector heater. In the following years, the idea of the convector radiator matured under the wings of the professorship of the Lublin University of Technology.

The beginning

The company was founded by then less than 30-year-old Ryszard Miazga, a graduate of Lublin University of Technology.

Awards and prizes:

Dyplom Uznania Stowarzyszenia Architektów Polskich
Certyfikat udziału w Międzynarodowych Targach Aqua-Therm 2014 w Moskwie
Laureat konkursu Złota Siódemka Branży Budowlanej 2014
Laureat w Programie Promocji Firm "Excellence w Biznesie" 2012/2013
Laureat konkursu Złota Siódemka Branży Ekologicznej 2013
Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Miasta Lublin 2012
Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Miasta Lublin 2012
Nagroda Specjalna Innowacyjny Przedsiębiorca 2012
Laureat konkursu "Innowacyjny Przedsiębiorca"
Laureat konkursu "Innowacyjny Przedsiębiorca"
Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Miasta Lublin 2010
Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Miasta Lublin 2010
"Kryształowa Cegła"
"City Park Budowa Roku 2007"
"Złoty Instalator dla Najlepszych za 2006 rok"
Złoty Instalator 2006
Nominacja Złoty Medal
Nominacja Złoty Medal


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