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Verano offer for sellers

Simple distribution chainSimple distribution chain
High quality for a good priceHigh quality for a good price
 Attractive terms of B2B cooperation Attractive terms of B2B cooperation

What do you gain?

Simple distribution chain

We design, research and manufacture our product line ourselves.

Attractive prices

We maintain a good price to quality ratio. As a result, you can count on attractive terms from the distributor. 

Technical support

We offer the support of technical and commercial supervisors, whom you can also contact by phone.

High quality

We manufacture in Poland with special attention to the quality of the assortment.

Transparent offer

At any time you have access to our offer through the website, which is constantly updated.

Courses and informational materials

We share knowledge in the form of support materials, instructional videos, and even training courses.

Verano for retailers

Our offer additionally includes services to facilitate the daily work of the seller.

  • Clear terms of cooperation
    We make sure that the reseller receives comprehensive assistance in the fulfillment of the order for his investor. You can count on comprehensive after-sales support after the completion of the order.
  • Favorable B2B terms and conditions
    We make sure that the installer receives comprehensive assistance in carrying out the order for his investor. You can count on after-sales support after the completion of the order.
  • Fast order processing
    From the moment you order your chosen product, time is of the essence. We do everything to ensure that your ordered product reaches you within 21 days.
  • Polish quality production
    To guarantee the highest quality and hassle-free service, each heater is inspected by the company and carefully packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard box.
  • Supporting materials
    On our Youtube channel you will find installation instructions and answers to frequently asked questions.

We invite you to cooperate

To start cooperation, please contact a Verano sales representative or distributor.


“Trench heating is an excellent option for those who value aesthetics. The lack of visible heaters allows full freedom of space rearrangement, and the fan heater is highly efficient. Highly recommend!”

Michał S.

We equipped our apartment with wall mounted verano heaters CALIENTE and it was the best choice. Unlike traditional heaters, the casing is cold and hot air is going straight up, which results in comfort. Highly recommend!

Kamil P.

Buying the recuperator is the best decision I made regarding the ventilation system in my home. The air is clean and fresh, and it’s much more comfortable inside.

Bartosz K.

Installing the recuperator turned out to be the best choice. Not only did it help with improving the air quality, but it also brought down the costs of heating and cooling. Highly recommend!

Anna K.

Recuperation is the best choice we made for our home. Thanks to the installation, the air is clean and the ventilation runs very smoothly.

Katarzyna K.


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