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Who is the administrator of personal data
The administrator of your personal data is VERANO GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. in Lublin, ul. Vetterów 7a, 20 – 277 Lublin.

Who can you contact for more information on the processing of your personal data
The administrator has appointed a special person – the Data Protection Officer, who provides detailed answers to questions regarding the processing of your personal data. To contact him, please write to the following e-mail address: send a letter to the address of the administrator’s office.

What are the purposes and basis for processing personal data
We will process your personal data for the purpose of:

  • performance of the contract (pursuant to art.6 letter b of the GDPR);
  • fulfilling the legal obligations incumbent on the administrator, in particular in the field of accounting and tax settlements (pursuant to Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR);
  • resulting from legitimate interests pursued by the administrator, which the administrator considers in particular: investigation and defense against claims (pursuant to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR).

Who can we share your data with
In order for us to perform our tasks, we may provide your personal data to:

  • companies providing IT support services for the company and providing IT software,
  • courier companies cooperating with the administrator.

For how long will we process your personal data
We will store your personal data:

  • for the duration of the contract,
  • for the period of limitation of tax or civil law claims.

Do you have to provide us with your personal data
Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract.

What are your rights
As we process your personal data, you have the right to:

  • access to your data and receive a copy of it;
  • rectify these data if they are incorrect, supplement data if you find that they are incomplete;
  • limitations of data processing, e.g. if you notice that your personal data is incorrect, until their correctness is checked – for a period that allows us to check it;
  • object to further data processing in cases where you have the right to do so.

Right to lodge a complaint
If you believe that we are processing your personal data in violation of the law, you can lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Informacje o zautomatyzowanym podejmowaniu decyzji
Wasze dane osobowe mogą być przetwarzane przez nas automatycznie, ale nie będziemy ich profilować.

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