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Instalsoft, Valves, Sankom software

SELECT selection software

We provide to our clients not only full technical data, yet we enable a SELECT selection software from our website:

Thanks to this online selection software, you might be able, based on the selection criteria, select the exact trench heater model and size.
The online software creates the selection lists and enables exporting them to the PDF or XLS format.

Advice on trench heater selection in few simple steps:

  1. Key into your web browser;
  2. Select the group of products
  3. Select the operational parameters for trench heater such as: sizes, maximum acoustic pressure, the fan operating mode
  4. Press: SEARCH button.
  5. Have a look into the search results. Select the specific units to add them onto your shortlist.
  6. Shortlisted units can be easy exported to PDF or XLS file.

Program InstalSoft

Downloads of design aids, updates and files.

The InstalSystem calculation program package is designed for designing heating and sanitary installations inside buildings. The package includes programs for calculation of heat losses and seasonal energy demand, designing central heating and surface heating systems, preparing lists and cost estimates of materials.

Radiator selection program
The simplified radiator selection program allows you to select radiators for given parameters, taking into account the type of installation, size limits and other data. The program is very simple and intuitive to use, it prepares lists of selected radiators with the possibility of updating prices by the user.

Program Sankom

Updating the programs completes the catalog data of the programs and introduces improvements in working with the program.

Audytor SDG
Verano SDG free software download.

Audytor OZC
The Audytor OZC program is used to support the calculation of the design heat load of rooms, to determine the seasonal demand for heat energy to heat buildings and to prepare Energy Certificates of buildings and their individual parts.

Audytor C.O.
Audytor C.O.
program is designed to graphically support the design of new central heating installations. as well as regulation of existing installations (e.g. in insulated buildings). The program also enables the design of pipe networks in chilled water installations.

WENTYLE Software

Free application dedicated to AutoCAD/IntelliCAD supporting drawing and calculations of ventilation systems. The application includes databases of fan coil units (CVK2P, CVK4P) and trench heaters (VKN5P) with fresh air intake, as well as a database of Verano recuperators.

WENTYLE supports the drawing of 2D ventilation systems based on a system of circular ducts and rectangular ducts and fittings. It enables convenient construction of installations and easy introduction of changes to them. At the end, it creates an automatic list of elements used in the project. It is also possible to automatically calculate the pressure drops of the created installation or its fragment.


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