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At what distance from the window should the trench heater be installed?

It is recommended that the distance of the Verano-konwektor trench heater from the external (glazed) barrier be 20÷30 cm.

What are the ways of regulating trench heaters?

The operation of the trench heater (VK) is regulated by generally used thermostatic valves with special thermostatic heads. The thermostatic valve should be mounted on the heating element in the trench, while the thermostatic head should be mounted on the wall in the heated room. The valve and the head are connected by means of a capillary, which should be routed in the wall inside the conduit.

What length can the capillary be?

Available capillary lengths are 2m.

On which side should the fan be placed – on the window side or on the room side?

The trench heater with fan and fan coils should be installed so that the fan is on the room side.

Can we mount thermostatic heads in the trench?

Thermostatic head should not be mounted on the valve in the trench. Such a method of mounting will make it impossible to achieve proper regulation (temperature measurement will not be reliable) and will make it difficult to access.

What is the standard equipment of a trench heater?

Standard equipment of the trench heater (VK) includes:

  • casing (tub) of the radiator,
  • heat exchanger (heating element),
  • air vent,
  • leveling brackets at radiator depths h less/equal to 16cm,
  • separating partition at radiator depths h greater/equal 16cm.

The trench heater cover grille, thermostatic valve and thermostatic head are not included in the standard equipment of trench heaters type VK.

Is it possible to make custom heaters?

Yes – it is possible to manufacture heaters on special request (for example, in non-standard dimensions).

How to regulate the room temperature for a dozen trench heaters located under an exterior wall of glass, when it is not possible to place a dozen elevated thermostatic heads on the wall?

In rooms where at least two trench heaters (VK) are located, VDN 215 straight thermostatic valves with STA actuators should be installed on them. The above-mentioned actuators should be connected to the RDG temperature controller. The connection of the valves with the controller should be made using a two-wire cable, according to the electrical diagram. The actuators should be parallel connected.

What length should a trench heater placed under a window or patio door be?

It is recommended that the length of the trench heater (VK) be equal to or greater than the length of the transparent surface.

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