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VKN5 Fan Assisted Trench Heater

Heating Energy class: A
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Processing time: Up to 21 Days

Fan Assisted Trench Heater

  • New generation of fan assisted trench heaters
  • Thermal outputs that are the highest on the market
  • Safe supply voltage 24 V
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger
  • Product compliant to PN-EN 16430

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Overall sizes:

Trench height: 75, 90 mm

Trench width: 250, 350 mm

Trench length (Lk): 950÷2750 mm

Non-standard (NS) length heaters can be made on order.


Fanassisted trench heater VKN5 was designed for spacious interiors with numerous glazings. The use of a modern fan with low power consumption and very quiet operation does not interfere with the comfort of users. Precise and easy control is provided by user-friendly room air temperature controller.
The use of an economical fan made it possible to obtain a heating device with greater heating output and shorter response time. In addition, the low thermal inertia, as well as the use of electronic control allows to achieve savings in the heating season of more than 20%.

Fan assisted trench heater VKN5 Verano is ideal for low-temperature systems. A major advantage of this type of heater is the even distribution of heat throughout the room.

• High-efficiency heat exchanger
• Quiet and energy-efficient EC fans
• Dedicated control system
• Custom design


• casing made of galvanized steel sheet in standard black RAL 9005 colour,
• highly efficient cooper-aluminium heat exchanger with air vent,
• modern fan with silent and efficient 24V DC motor,
• connection space cover,
• water connection: 3/4″ female threat,
• trench struts,
• fixing anchors,
• leveling legs.

• tray (cover) powder coated in any of the RAL colour,
• decorative frame: L or F type made of natural or anodized aluminium,
• decorative grille made of natural or anodized aluminium or stainless steel,
• fibreboard cover,
• raised floor support system,
• air filter (requires increasing the height of the casing by 10mm),
• control system.


Maximum permissible operating pressure: 1,0 MPa.
Test pressure 1,3 MPa.
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 1,69 MPa.
Maximum operating temperature: 110°C.

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