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European Directive

The methodology of calculating the indicators of energy characteristics of buildings is regulated by the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings no 2002/91/EU. The directive introduces an energy standard and building certificate, as well as specification of the class in terms of energy performance.

The requirements contained in the directive concern new building structures, leased and sold buildings, building and housing apartments undergoing major renovations as well as communal housing and public utility buildings. According to the EU Directive, while submitting the application for building permit or else sale, or the lease of existing building it will be necessary to provide its energy certificate. The certificate should describe the current building’s effectiveness in terms of its energy consumption and monitoring its internal climate.

The quality of the building will undoubtedly improve with the increased effectiveness of its heating installation and it will contribute to lowering the building’s exploitation costs. Energy saving heating systems should be characterized by highly efficient receptors of thermal energy, small mass of energy carrier and a possibility of local regulation. Modern central heating installations should be made with radiators of lower thermal inertia and water capacity, able to quickly react to changing working environments and fast start-up.

These conditions are certainly met by the Verano® Convector radiators made by VERANO.


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