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Research and Development

Proven quality

Based on many years of technical research that was conducted in the scope of analyses and technical measurements by Warsaw Technical University, Cracow Technical University, Lublin Technical University, Polish Science Academy and many in-house research tests,we developed a highly efficient heating system that will effectively increase the efficiency of low temperature heating systems.

Technically exceptional performance data of Verano trench heating and convector radiators, has been confirmed during independent tests provided by Technicŷ Skušobnŷ Ustav Pieštany (Slovakia), Centrum Stavebního Inženýrství in Prague, Institut für Gebäude Energetik Universität Stuttgart.

The trench heater and convection radiator from Verano have been designed for use in domestic or light commercial buildings, whereas such buildings do not produce any negative corrosion influx due to aluminum, copper and steel.


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