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Trench Heaters and Climaconvectors reference projects

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  • Cornella University Gates Hall building distinguishes by exceptional integration of design and technology. Verano trench heaters take care of the proper temperature in spacious labs and comfortable lecture rooms.
    Gates Hall University Building
  • Hudson Yards that is an investment project that is known from the modern and futuristic design. One of the heating emitters being installed in the building are trench heaters from Verano
    Hudson Yards Apartments / New York
  • The 4th Floor 133 Houndsditch in London/United Kingdom is conveniently heated by the top of the art, completely bespoke perimeter heating system, designed and supplied by Verano Convector.
    Office space at 133 Houndsditch in London
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Verano product innovations

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  • Ultra-quiet VKN Silent – fan assisted trench heaters have been specially developed for using them into Polish Parliament Buildings in Warsaw/Poland. As a spin-off, we introduce them to our regular offering, as they might be perfect for any rooms with higher
    NEW – VKN Silent Trench Heaters
  • The trench heaters, wall/floor-mounted and Climaconvectors selection software has just been released to use by all our current and future customers.
    VERANO SELECT product selection software
  • Especially for our clients we’ve prepared ready to use and downloadable BIM models of our products. Those BIM models can be used anytime to make design work easier when trench heaters, Climaconvectors, and/or wall-mounted and free standing LST Convectors are
    BIM models for the Verano products

You would benefit from versatile, discrete, unobtrusive, low H2O and low installation water temperature convection heating.

Trench heaters

Versatile, ‘built in floor’, heating only products that offer multi-purpose combination of space heating and compensating cold downdraught from full glazed facades. Natural convection trench heating, fan assisted trench heaters or fan assisted SILENT trench heaters are available with large varieties of grille finishes (aluminium, natural wood, cross-bar or linear), or curved or angled versions to meet your design. Those units offer every single benefit from the natural or fan forced convection i.e. immense energy savings from low water content and low thermal inertia.

In-floor Climaconvectors

With recently improved cooling loads Verano offers the unique range of Climaconvectors – two pipes or four pipes heating or/and cooling trench convectors. All products from Climaconvectors’ range have been currently tested to EN 16430 standard and offer discretely assembled heating and cooling system that is very easy to maintenance and access via raised technical floor. Cold/warm air is distributed along the full glazed façades to cope with the cold downdraught in the winter or sunshine overheat during summertime.

LST Convectors

Based on the same principle of a natural convection, Verano offers wall mounted or floor mounted LST convectors. They come in two casing variants – designer convector Caliente and classy panel rad outlook - Standard, whilst both of types offer the same energy efficient heating coil technology inside and meet all other spec requirements for any LST radiators project. Those products are fully customisable, offering a variety of casing colours and grille designs.

Heating bench COMODO

Heating Bench COMODO is a version of Verano floor mounted LST convector with the specially designed external cover that converts this neat and energy efficient product into fully functioning sitting bench. It is offered in two length versions and variety of finishes. Three massive oak wood boards are exceptionally resistant to scratch and other mechanical damage. COMODO comes with standard water central heating system connections. Side finish high safety rating, tempered glass is available in two colours – deep black or mild white.

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  • On 27th September 2019 Mr Stefan L. Eckert has lectured in the subject of trench heaters as the economic viable and eco-friendly solutions suitable for the thermo-retrofitting of buildings.
    Training in Saarbrucken/Germany
  • Should you be interested in a live person taking through the Verano trench heaters and Climaconvectors? Or maybe your project design required on site survey? From now on we have a solution to hand (available for London & M25 corridor only).
    Meet Bart on the site
  • There are situations, where you can hit the wall with the bespoke trench heating order. Last minute client decision, or being let down by other manufacturer might leave you with a headache. Not with Verano trench heaters.
    Next working day delivery available from DQ Heating
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